Foreclosure Risk

If you have entered the foreclosure process there are still several options available but you must act quickly. Whether it is an estate sale, foreclosure, or distressed property, an expert can help you decide which option best fits your financial needs. Time is not on your side and one of the mistakes most people make is waiting. Never let fear control your decision making or avoid contacting a professional to help you resolve your situation. You must be proactive and take the steps to stop the foreclosure. Stonehurst Real Estate Group is part of a premiere group of experts in loss mitigation, and we are here to provide our clients expert advice. With over 10 years of combined experience working directly with clients and banks we bring the expertise needed to help you resolve your situation. With specialized experience at assisting home owners, investors, landlords, and commercial property owners we can help save your property from foreclosure by repairing or renegotiating defaulted mortgages or approaching your bank about a short sale. Do not wait until the last minute in order to get help. Your legitimate options diminish daily.

Call Stonehurst Real Estate Group today at 781-549-7511 to learn what options you may have to stop the foreclosure. Or, feel free to contact us by submitting your information below free of charge, and with no obligation.